Dragon Climb

Dragon Climb

Date added: 11/02/2020

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In Dragon Climb, the new interactive game from ABCya XYZ game collection, let's see how far you can guide this little dragon on the journey to gather all the most precious gold pieces. There are tons of gold in this well, but you will have to help the dragon to find the perfect landing spot. As the fire-breather found the trail of gold to a massive underground well, he needs to keep flying up and avoids the worst obstacles to get those floating gold.

Before you start, let's get those wings warmed up with a trial or a tutorial first. It's an endless journey, which means that the players will have to endure the floor through floor after floor without making a single mistake. Surviving the walls of this cavern which are lined with deadly spikes is one thing, but doing so while trying to collect the treasures is much more challenging. The dragon will not fly straight up the well, instead, you have to help his bank off of each wall in a zig-zag line. After he touches one side of the wall, he will change the direction facing the other.

Make sure that you steer clear of any pointy hazards that might stab and push the dragon down. At http://www.abcya.xyz/, what you need to be the best player is to control the perfect timing and be flexible with your jump! Don't miss out on other equally fun games such as Don't Touch The Hook and Ballon Paradise!

Game controls:

Instructions: Click or tap to jump up.

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