Date added: 31/12/2020

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Abcya xyz Online is extremely proud to introduce a new game called Donutosaur to players around the world. Move through the different locations to collect the final stars and donuts on your journey. Every player loves this special game space because of the interesting content it offers. Choose the best gameplay style and unlock levels as you move now. If you do not collect enough 3 stars and donuts, you will hardly win the levels of the game. Share your travel tips and use gear with other players.

Can you unlock the most difficult levels in this game? Each playstyle helps you win the game in its way. Break the obstacles if you want to move and collect enough stars or the final donut. Win the most difficult mission in the final levels. Players from all over the world love this online game. Share and discover the tips you use through the levels. Expand your online gaming world with our themed games. Surely you can hardly miss the latest game. Unlock the levels and win with the trick you've collected or find out when joining the levels.

Perfect our new game by joining for free. The latest games in 2021 are waiting for you to explore in your spare time. Each level has different gameplay. After passing the levels of the game, share your gameplay with friends, and complete different missions. We always recommend a way to play each new game. Unlock levels and lots of different games like Braindom and Symmetry Challege. Win with the highest score now. 

Game controls:

Use the left mouse button to explore and complete this game

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