Defend Us! 2

Defend Us! 2

Date added: 16/10/2018

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Welcome to Defend Us 2! This is a fresh tower defense game, filled with achievements, stats, turrets, items, enemies... That's a lot of stuff! You can play this game in both english and spanish.

Place turrets to defeat the enemy and prevent them from reaching the house. Turrets will get stronger as they attack. Every kill grants gold that you can use to place more turrets and use items. Stand your ground and grow stronger by unlocking more and more powerful turrets. You can choose to play in campaign mode or survival mode. There are 28 missions in campaign mode and endless achievements to unlock.

Defend the whole country from plunder in this cool top-down strategy game. Your goal in Defend Us! 2 is to place turrets along the long path to your base and and upgrade your tower defense strategically well placed to stop the masses of invaders and to protect your property.

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Much fun!

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