Date added: 07/04/2020

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Corona is all about gathering the most virus seeds and turning your Saviour Virus into the one with the biggest nose. It's an ABCya game simulation game in which you will control the movement of the main character and make it move around to achieve the said goal. It's not going to be easy since you will have to inject in a COVID-19 patient to fight against Corona Viruses & kill them.

The nose of your character has the special ability to kill off any virus that it comes into contact with. The moment that your nose touches those germs, it will explode and you will get another point. However, the only catch is that you have to be the one that is in control and approach the other. In case that other viruses run into you, you will be the one who gets eliminated from this battle! Will you be the hero that we all need to defeat the virtual diseases from

Not only will you need to enhance your speed and observation in this game to make sure that you keep up with other actions but you also have to be quick with the hand movements. Don't stay in one place for too long or else you will make yourself an easy target for attack. Our kid collection is filled with daily updated games such as and so that your time at home can be pleasant just like any other day!

Game controls:

Use the mouse to move and kill the viruses.

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