Completed Paths

Completed Paths

Date added: 03/01/2020

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We are looking for a player that is excellent at untangling any massive knot to be the one to solve the puzzles in Completed Paths free game at ABCya XYZ 2020. If you love to untangle any quizzes, knots, and problems, you will certainly be natural at this game genre! The goal of the game is to train the players to think of the best way to set the puzzle in motion, which means that you have to connect the beginning and the end of it. Once they are all connected, the flow will start automatically.

You can tap any set of two tiles to make them trade places. Before starting to swap them around, observe and think of a way to open up the best path. How long will you take to form one continuous path from these scattered tiles? After a few leveling up, it's more difficult to complete the game since there are multiple paths side-by-side! This is where your talent will truly shine.

Don't be afraid to experience, test new moves and swap the tiles a lot of times! At, the challenges evolve through the journey to ensure the thrilling sensation of solving harder puzzles for our lovely players. Enjoy the simple and aesthetic graphics with glowing lights in the game while playing! Games like Flat Jewelmatch and Brave Triangle also come from the same collection as this one, so feel free to take a look as well!

Game controls:

Instructions: Tap or click on two tiles to swap their places.

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