Color Loop

Color Loop

Date added: 28/05/2019

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With memory training games, you can complete all the challenges without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. That is the advantage when players join Color Loop at With 4 colors of blue, red, yellow, green, players will have to repeat the order of appearance of colors as the first player's first turn. Increasingly, the number of repetitive colors will increase and you need to remember them all.

If you make a mistake, the game will end. Your score will correspond to the number of times you arrange the colors in the correct order. Therefore, do not forget to remember their appearance and complete your challenge in the shortest amount of time before the slider stops. It seems that this is a challenging game of intelligence that you need to overcome to complete in your free time and train your memory.

Try your patience and agility through this game at ABCya games. The rules and tricks you collect will help other players. Therefore, do not forget to share and achieve the highest score you can pass. This game is joined by many players and the desire to win exceeds 100 points. It will be players who have the agility and good memory ability.

If you have not passed 100 points, do not worry because you can save this game to the list and join it when you have time without losing early. All the ways to play the game you use will help you complete this game's play tips. The time that the game ends will not give you the right to delay. In addition, you can also participate in some new games similar to this special world such as Balls Rotate and House Paint.

Game controls:

Use the left mouse button to click on the order colors appear that you remember

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