Bunny Quest

Bunny Quest

Date added: 20/11/2019

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The bunny in this adorable Bunny Quest game doesn't just want a light snack. He is ready to rock the world in http://www.abcya.xyz/ to search every nook and cranny for the most delicious carrots ever. To help him devour one carrot after the other, you need to put together a perfect path that crosses by all the scattered carrots. Unfortunately, the only stone path for our fuzzy bunny has been mixed up!

It's your ultimate mission to think of the best way to move the blocks and create a full path again. Just slide the tiles around to change their positions, but make sure that you have a certain place in mind to move them. This kind of game requires the players to use some logic to get bunny to the end without missing out on any carrots. It's best if you can gather all three carrots per level, however, for some hardcore quests, just do your best to pass it. It will not be easy as the carrots will be placed very randomly as you progress through the game.

Always aim for the maximum scores and you will write your name on the golden board of carrots earners in ABCya XYZ games! Don't forget to keep check of the time using our clock as well. Find more lovely chompers in our daily-updated games such as King of Thieves and Submarine Dash!

Game controls:

How to play: Drag and release the mouse to move the tiles.

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