Bill The Bowman

Bill The Bowman

Date added: 30/03/2020

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This is your chance to make your dream of becoming Robinhood come true with ABCya shooting game: Bill The Bowman! The game requires kids of all ages to participate in the turn-to-turn shooting experience while maintaining a good aiming eye and balancing the bows. You have a limited number of arrows to use per turn, once they run out, the record is set and used as a base for ranking on the Leaderboard.

Will you get into the list of the top expert archers? The way to practice is also quite easy as you just need to tap and release to shoot the arrow. The hard part is to aim for the fruit instead of the person while choosing the perfect timing. As the fruit is placed on top of the standing man, you will have to avoid hitting the person and go for the fruit piece only. You will only have three chances for each turn.

The more challenges of time and obstacles that you encounter, the more skills and techniques you will gain. Keep in mind to strive for the most combos because with every 5 consecutive fruits that you manage to hit, you will win yourself an extra arrow. Don't forget that the difficulty level will slowly increase in this game at Showcase your winning streak in more shooting games like Clash Of Armour and Gunspin with a variety of gameplay, rules and fun challenges!

Game controls:

Click the left mouse, tap the screen to aim and release to shoot.

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