Ben10 Vengeance Of Vilgax

Ben10 Vengeance Of Vilgax

Date added: 09/12/2019

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Will you rise as the new superhero in Ben10 Vengeance Of Vilgax or will you fail to conquer these missions? Don't miss out on this extraordinary chance to discover all the secrets of The Great Conqueror of Ten Worlds from ABCya XYZ action game! You will be Ben10's trusty accompany on the ultimate challenge of defeating the mighty king of Vilgax. The Earth will be saved from a fiery doom only if you manage to win.

But if you lose, the planet will vanish into Vilgax's hand. You will combat against the king's minions, soldiers, and guards. Ben's superpower is to transform into different beasts when he wants to. But make sure that he has enough energy in the transformation bar to use. Some pretty cool beasts are Swampfire, Humongousaur and the special Echo. Each of them has a unique feature that can be helpful in a distinctive situation. For example, Swampfire harnesses the power of flame that can sizzle through the toughest walls of enemies.

While Humongousaur can easily smash through everything in his way, Echo, on the other hand, uses his small yet powerful supersonic waves to disable enemies. Can you use these wisely to defeat the ultimate boss and successfully save the planet? Come to to dive into the biggest collection of action games with some famous choices like Kite Kittens and Jom Jom Jump


Game controls:

How to play: Click or use the arrow keys to interact and fight.

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