AstroRace .io

AstroRace .io

Date added: 15/12/2018

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Racing in futuristic spaceships never gets old. That’s why you should try this awesome multiplayer online IO game called AstroRace .io. Control a high speed space vehicle through a race track and try to reach the finish line first. You can increase your speed by touching the walls, what also generates boosting energy for you to use whenever you want. Unlock cool new spaceships and colors and try to win each and every race on different planets.

Do not miss the chance to win your friends if they also participate in this game. Share with online game players around the world and see what you stand for in the ranking of the best players today. Search for similar games with this game to play in your spare time like Gulper .io and SnowWars .io at

Have fun with AstroRace IO!

Game controls:

Arrows left / right = steer, Arrow up = boost

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